Lunde is a series of small milk jugs and sauce boats inspired by the beautiful puffins. The puffins originate from the western part of Norway, and north along the entire Norwegian coast. They are all handmade, which gives small independent characteristics. They go through many processes before they are ready to leave the bird ́s nest and fly home to you. 


Lunde is very social and is happy to join a coffee break or dinner party. Fill it with delicious sauce or milk, and let the colors adorn the table. You may also dress them up a bit extra by adding flowers to them.


Puffins live for up to 20 years, and we hope you will keep Lunde for at least as long.

At this point, we do not ship outside of Norway.



Combine cushions as you like, or choose between the three packages Skog, Løv and Hav.