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Content production for social media and digital platforms

We produce content for various channels in social media and digital platforms, in line with the company's visual profile. Which channels are suitable depends on goals, target groups and situation, as well as what message the company will convey. We can also produce animations and video material. Collaboration on content production can take place through smaller or larger packages, depending on needs. We can offer content in both Norwegian and English.


Vestre AS

Vestre AS


Rendering and visualization

We can visualize you projects and ideas. For this type of assignment, we can assist in illustrating various alternatives and layouts into the photo and actual environment where they are to stand, or in drawings. This makes it easier to evaluate different options and together find the best solution.


We use a combination of Solidworks, Keyshot and Adobe Photoshop to complete the proposals. The finished proposals are put together into a clear report that refers to which products are seen in the drawings.



Design and visualization of trade fair stands. The stand is drawn up in actual dimensions to see what there is room for, in addition to making clear drawings of the location of the various elements. A separate color palette is also being developed.

closeup forum_planter.jpg

Render of furnishing suggestions in photo.

Photo of end result


Vestre AS

Vestre AS


Case study / reference article

We offer to write articles that will be published on websites, newsletters and the like. For example, there may be articles that refer to specific projects or articles where we write about a given field of interest or topic.

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Here are examples of articles we have written in collaboration with Vestre's communications manager.

Runway - read the article here

The Catosenteret - read the article here

Vestre AS


Reports and insight work

We have experience of performing insight work in various fields of interest for customers, and then present this in a visual final report. In such projects, we do research and obtain information from relevant professionals. Based on the information we collect, we create a report that summarizes and clarifies the most important findings. The end product is a visual and clear report that can serve as a reference work.

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Vestre AS