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milk jug & sauce boat

Meet our new family member Lunde. Lunde means “puffin” in Norwegian. It is a series of small milk jugs and sauce boats inspired by the beautiful Atlantic puffins. The Atlantic puffins originate from the western part of Norway, and north along the entire Norwegian coast, and parts of Great Britain in the east. Lunde is now seeking a new home to settle down with. 

Lunde is handmade, which gives small independent characteristics to each one. It goes through many processes before it is ready to leave the bird ́s nest and fly home to you. 

Lunde is very social and is happy to join the afternoon tea or a dinner party. Fill it with delicious sauce or milk, and let the colors adorn the table. You may also dress them up a bit extra by decorating with small flowers.  


Puffins live for up to 20 years, and we hope you will keep Lunde for at least as long.

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