Studio Føy aims to create vibrant, authentic products which have a value for the owner. The design duo, consisting of Guro Sørbø Midtun (Hamar, 1992) and Siri Line (Holmestrand, 1992), is based in Oslo. In 2016, they graduated with a bachelor degree in product design at Oslo Met - Oslo Metropolitan University and received their master's degree in 2018.


The duo were interns at Anderssen&Voll February-June 2017 and was the same year awarded "Newcomer of the year" by the Norwegian magazine BoBedre. Interns at Vestre from September 2018 - January 2019. In June 2019, Studio Føy received financial support from the Research Council of Norway, through the STUD-ENT scheme. The STUD-ENT scheme is the Research Council’s national competitive arena in which students, in cooperation with institutions of higher education, may seek financial support for student-driven business ideas within and across different subject fields.



Where did you meet? 

We met at OsloMet University. At our second year in school, everyone in our class had to take a personality test. Based on this, the teachers would make groups for the next project. This was the very first time we worked together, and we immediately noticed that we had a unique working spirit. After this, we did more or less every project together, including our bachelor ́s and master ́s thesis. We have now been working together for 5 years!

What are your main values? 

We often include psychology-based design strategies in the process, where the goal is to increase the attachment between the user and the product. Many companies talk about how they have environmentally friendly products due to sustainable materials and production. However, what is just as important, is how long the product actually is in use. Sustainable materials and production are not enough if the product gets replaced after a short time - due to new trends or lack of attachment. We believe that a fully sustainable product is designed when you have considered sustainability in terms of both materials, production, and use. If a design can contribute to affection and longer product life, it opens up for an environmental benefit. 


We also like to share some parts of the process in social media. We believe that when people know the story and process behind a product, they get more emotionally attached to the product, take better care of the product, and keep it for a longer time. This is a way of thinking about emotional sustainability.


How is a typical design process for you?

We have a very playful approach when designing new products, and can find inspiration pretty much everywhere. A typical process for us often begins with creating a narrative that we can workaround. An example of this is the prototype Flamingo. We combined the words stool + flamingo and began sketching. At this stage, we are very open-minded, and the ideas do not have to be realistic at all. We thought the flamingo-inspired sketches had some interesting attributes that we wanted to develop further. Storytelling and facts about flamingos were included in the sketching process, which helped shape the final look of the product. An example of this is: ”You know how the flamingos stretch their long throat to drink water or catch fish? Their beaks are uniquely used upside-down.” Like the flamingo, the stool has two tiny legs and one long throat ”diving into the water”. This also makes it a lot easier and fun when marketing the products. The story is already there!


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Graduate exhibition at DogA, Norway


2ROM, Norway


Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Sweden


ICFF Studio New York, USA


Tendenser - Oslo Design Fair, Norway


Bo Bedre design awards, Norway

Designers Saturday, Norway

Design Studio Area - Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Sweden


Tendens, Bergen design festival, Norway


Salone Satellite Milano, Italy











BoBedre design Award "Newcomer of the year"


Plnty magazine list over "Five Norwegian names in 2017"


Norsk industri designstipend - Vestre


STUD-ENT, Forskningsrådet