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Sausenebbet is inspired by the beautiful birds that live from Western Norway and north along the entire Norwegian coast. Lunde now wants to be taken into the heat, and find a home to settle in. It is handmade, and is through many processes before it is ready to leave the nest and fly home to you. Lunde is very social, and it likes to join a dinner party. Fill it with delicious sauce, and let the colors adorn the table.


Puffins are rarely seen alone, and thrive best when there are several of them together. Feel free to combine different sizes and colors. They are just as nice for decoration as for use. And remember that if you want to add a little extra flair to them, you can pick up some wildflowers and decorate their plumage.


The puffins live for up to 20 years, and we hope you will keep your puffin for at least as long.

Puffin sauce beak // gull green

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  • Material
    Lunde is made of solid stoneware. The inside is glazed with food-safe, transparent glaze. Ceramics are a durable material, and Lunde will stay good year after year. Lunde is happy to take a bath in the dishwasher if needed.


    Size (HxWxL)
    13.5 cm x 9 cm x 14 cm

    The sauce beak holds about 3 dl.

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