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Pack with Puzzle bench + four pillows in beige and  green tones.


The package includes: 

  • 1 piece Puzzle bench
  • 1 pillow 38 x 51 cm. Colour:  Divina MD 0973 ( dark green)
  • 1 pillow 38 x 25 cm.  Colour:  Divina MD 0453 (dark beige)
  • 1 pillow 12 x 25 cm . Colour:  Divina MD 0413 (light beige)
  • 1 pillow 12 x 12 cm. Colour:  Divina MD 0943 (light green)




Forest // package

  • Pack with Puzzle bench + four pillows in beige and green tones.

    Size bench
    length: 90 cm
    width: 40 cm
    height: 45 cm




    Puzzle is surface treated with "Osmo TopOil high solid, 3068 Natural". The oil is based on environmentally friendly and natural oil and plant waxes. It provides a durable and water-repellent surface that is easy to maintain.

    The textiles on the pillows come from Kvadrat, and  is made of 100% wool, which has many benefits.  Thanks to its insulating properties and  ability to  absorb moisture, wool is suitable for  both cold and hot climates. It has a good durability,  high elasticity, and is a renewable material. 

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