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"Puzzle" is a bench that is inspired by lego and the playfulness around puzzles. It has a Nordic look, and appears as a playful product that gives you many opportunities. It is made of solid wood birch, and can be used both with and without pillows. Surfaces that are not covered by pillows can be fine  sit on as well as be used as a table.


The different sizes and colors of the pillows provide endless possibilities when it  comes to combinations. Here you can easily choose that combination  one likes best, and put his  personal touch on the bench. It is also possible to  use the pillows to tie several benches together, and in this way create one  long row of benches hanging together!


Note: The cushions for the bench are sold separately.

Puzzle - benches

  • Size

    length: 90 cm

    width: 40  cm

    height: 45 cm





    Puzzle is surface treated with "Osmo TopOil high solid, 3068 Natural". The oil is based on environmentally friendly and natural oil and plant waxes. It provides a durable and water-repellent surface that is easy to maintain.   


    The pillows  to the bench sold separately. 

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