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This pillow was made as a prototype, and the color was not one of those that were chosen for production and our color range. In other words, the pillow is unique as it is the only one that exists in this color! But, as with the other Puzzle pillows, it can just as easily be combined with pillows in other sizes and colors.


Size:  38x51cm


Textile: Divina MD - 100% wool from Kvadrat

Color: 0613 - pink


Ordinary price: DKK 1,600

Pink Puzzle Pillow

  • The textiles on the pillows come from Kvadrat, and  is made of 100% wool, which has many benefits.  Thanks to its insulating properties and  ability to  absorb moisture, wool is suitable for  both cold and hot climates. It has a good durability,  high elasticity, and is a renewable material.  The pillows are currently in 8  different colors.

    Durability: 45,000
    Martindale Pilling: 3
    Lightfastness: 6
    Sustainability: Complies with EU  ecolabel "The Flower"

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