Product development



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Products on the market

We currently have products under the brand WowDsgn (CN), Warm Nordic (DK) and our own brand Studio Føy .


Sustainable product development

Throughout our education as product designers, we have always had a main focus on furniture products. We gained an early interest in Context of Experience (COE) - a more sustainable product development strategy. We actively use this strategy during the development of new products.  


The goal of the COE strategy is to increase the connection between user and product. Many companies like to front their products as sustainable based on sustainable materials and sustainable production. What is just as important is how long the product is actually in use. Sustainable materials and production are not enough if the product is replaced or discarded after a short time, either due to changing trends or lack of attachment.

We have experience in taking products from idea to market, and have products under other people's brand in addition to our own. During product development, many different methods are used. We have experience in making models using 3D programs and 3D printing, as well as simple models in cardboard / Styrofoam / clay.

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Lunde milk jug and sauce boat came about during our master's thesis where we focused on storytelling.


The master's thesis was about how to create lasting interior products, with a focus on storytelling as an essential part in the development of concepts. It was also looked at how storytelling could be used as a tool to communicate a product to the audience - already from the idea phase to the product. The goal of this was to create a greater connection between user and product, so that they would take better care of it and keep it longer.




User involvement through SOME as part of the design process

Context and Experience (COE)

3D printing

Models in clay

Test interest at furniture fair


Packaging design




One of the end products we came up with was cream jug and sauce bean Lunde. Facts about the Puffin helped to shape both the design and the history around it. After the master's, we tested the interest in the product at Europe's largest furniture fair in Milan. It gave us the confidence to continue investing in the product under our own brand - Studio Føy. Our followers in social media have been able to take part in product development from the very first sketches until Lunde was ready to fly out to shops and Norwegian homes. Lunde is currently sold at 13 stores in Norway, and it has appeared in magazines such as Wallpaper (UK), Interiørmagasinet (NO), Bo Bedre (NO), Håndvært (DK) and COUCH (DE).

Studio Føy, 2018