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Sustainable product development

Studio Føy has good knowledge and experience around product development and taking a product from idea to market. The studio has developed products under its brand, Studio Føy, and international brands such as Warm Nordic and WowDsgn. An essential part of the process is understanding the customer's brand, examining user needs, and creating high-quality, long-lasting design solutions.


With a background as product designers, Studio Føy can contribute to product development in furniture and interior design and various industrial design products. Studio Føy can contribute to product development - from idea to market. 


From the beginning, Studio Føy has had a great interest in Context of Experience (COE) - a more sustainable product development strategy. This strategy is actively used during the development of new products. In 2019, Studio Føy received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council's scheme STUD-ENT for product development under this product development strategy.


The goal of the COE strategy is to increase the connection between user and product. Many companies like to front their products as sustainable based on sustainable materials and sustainable production. What is just as important is how long the product is actually in use. Sustainable materials and production are not enough if the product is replaced or discarded after a short time, either due to changing trends or poor connectivity.


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